AXON is a tailor made solution for different institutions that include saccos, microfinance institutions, dairy marketing societies and coffee marketing societies which is blended with a unique technology.

The technology adopted for the solution makes it flexible to use across the complete life cycle of cooperative societies operational, tactical and strategic management.

Yieldsoft Axon Sacco System caters for all the needs of a savings and credit co-operative society. Irrespective of the society’s activities, geographical coverage and the nature of the typography, the Yieldsoft Sacco will ensure that the society serves your members in a secure, efficient, transparent and customer friendly manner thus guaranteeing them patronizing your services 24/7

The system caters for:

Members Management

This module enables the society to manage all the Records for individual, group as well as business clients.

These include their personal details, contact information, identification, income and next of kin details as well as maintenance their photos and signatures for the individual as well as joint accounts.

BOSA (Back Office Services Activity)

Providing a very comprehensive coverage in Sacco's BOSA section, Yieldsoft Axon boasts of covering existing and future needs of a Sacco BOSA operations with reliability it deserves being the core activity of any Sacco.

Loans and deposits is well designed keeping in mind of all the operations under it in a sophisticated Sacco environment from loan origination till loan closure.

Manage all the loans and alert the members when they Fall due as well as the guarantors via sms and/or emails.

Irrespective of your society’s requirements, AXON Sacco will accommodate current as well as back office operations with ease.

FOSA (Front Office Services Accounts)

The FOSA Module covers all the operations of sacco front office operations. These include till management, cash management and cheque management.

The system also includes the photo and signature verification, payment either in cash or cheque, salary advances, loan, cheque and cash deposits, tellers’ journals and other reports.

Some of the internal controls incorporated into the system include set up of parameters for the minimum opening balance, interest ratlimiting withdrawals, commission and charges, cheque clearance days, cheque clearance charges, bouncing cheque charges, general transaction charges, standing orders, multi level online authorization, online transaction monitoring, receipt/voucher printing, inter-branch transactions and interteller Transactions among others.

The FOSA system is integrated to the Back Office Sub System as well as the Financial System as well as other channels that include mobile banking, ATMs, internet banking, etc.


Yieldsoft AXON Microfinance is a tailor made solution for microfinance institutions which is blended with a unique technology. Yieldsoft AXON Microfinance is a next generation solution which is customized exactly for the need of Microfinance institutions.

The system has modules that include:

Client Management

This module enables the micro finance institution to manage all the details of their individual, business and group clients as well as group member clients.

These include the group location, contact details, officials authorized to transact on behalf of the group well as the group members personal details that includes their contact information, identification, income and next of kin details as well as the capture and maintenance of their photos and signatures

Accounts Management

The system can be used to track and manage the organisations savings accounts by tracking all deposits and withdrawals done on the Client’s Savings Account for the individual, groups, group members as well as the business clients. Depending on the organizations credit policy, the client savings can be used to determine the amount of loans that the clients can borrow

Using this module, members can buy and sell shares using the current share value which is different from the nominal or stated share value. The current share value refers to the prevailing market value of a share which might fluctuate as it is determined by the dynamics of the law of supply and demand.

Credit Management

The Credit Management Module forms the heart of the Yieldsoft AXON Microfinance and has the following sub systems:

The credit policy of the microfinance institutions is critical to their survival in the competitive field in which they operate.

Yieldsoft AXON Microfinance ensures that all the parameters are adhered throughout the loan life cycle i.e. Application, Guarantors, Collateral, Appraisal, Approval, Disbursement and Repayment.

Yieldsoft AXON Microfinance provides different parameters for the classification of loans to ensure that microfinance institutions are fully in-charge of this valuable asset depending on the number of days that the loans fall in arrears as the credit policy of the microfinance institution. There is also provision of interest suspension.

The loan classifications include Normal, Watch 1, Watch 2, Substandard, Watchful and Loss

Yieldsoft AXON Microfinance provides loan provisioning to ensure that the microfinance institutions operate prudently and minimize losses in case of defaults. The provisioning is done net of the suspended interest and collateral value or as per the credit policy of the microfinance institutions.


Providing a very comprehensive coverage in dairy marketing societies operations, Yieldsoft Axon Dairy Marketing Software boosts of covering existing and future needs of a marketing society’s operations with reliability it deserves being the core activity of any society

The main modules include:

Members Accounts Management

Providing a very comprehensive coverage in dairy marketing societies operations, Yieldsoft Axon Dairy Marketing Software boosts of covering existing and future needs of a marketing society’s operations with reliability it deserves being the core activity of any society.

Members information from the maintenance of their personal Next of Kin, Identification (photos and signatures), Status (active, dormant, withdrawn) etc is maintained in the system with a user friendly interface making it easy for the dairy marketing society employees to manage the records

The system also manages records for individual as well as group members for shares, savings, loans, short term loans and advances, etc

Members Produce Management

Yieldsoft Axon Dairy Marketing System provides for the recording of the daily milk deliveries on the routes as well as at the office as well as the following:

  • Recording of the litres delivered daily that include member number, time of delivery (morning and evening) on different routes/collection centers by different vehicles
  • Generation of members statements of deliveries that includes delivery date, time of delivery, member number, transaction number, route and vehicle
  • Reconciliation of milk journals and members produce records
  • Generation of gross payment journal
  • Generation of net payment journal
  • Produce payout bank list /members pay slips
  • Retrieve a summary of all debts recovered, previous balances and remaining balances after payout
  • Determination of payment rate per litre of milk.


At Yieldsoft Banking Solutions, we appreciate the need for coffee marketing societies to automate their operations. Whether the societies use digital or analogue scales, our system is ready to work with them.

Since AXON is a web based application, the society can enjoy posting online real time the kilos of coffee delivered at the factory to the central server database at the head office with using the internet.

The following are included in the system:

  • Recording of the coffee delivered by the individual or members of group
  • Generation of member statements of deliveries that include delivery date, grade of coffee, member number, transaction number and factory number
  • Reconciliation of factory and members produce records to ascertain that recorded kilos in the factory records tally with the members records i.e. Factory no, total kilos delivered (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), total no. of members who delivered their produce
  • Generation of gross payment journal that contains the kilos delivered for the crop (total), member no, members names and kilos delivered per member, etc
  • Generation of net payment journal
  • Produce members payout bank list /members pay slips
  • Retrieve a summary of all debts recovered, previous balances and remaining balances after payout.
  • Computation of members payout Rates from (PCR) and extraction of trial balance, balance sheet and other final books of accounts.

Add On Modules

The above are the main systems and the following can be incorporated into the system depending on the Customers’ needs:

Financial Management Module

General Ledgers

  • General Ledger is so flexible where the lines can be customized with various combinations with various dimensions and for any future additions/amendments.

Budget and Budget Control

  • Yieldsoft Axon budget integrated in the system. this enables the Sacco / MFI track there GL's with budgeted figures and you can also lock postings within budget.
    • Procurement Module

      • Yieldsoft Axon provides a comprehensive Procurement platform that automates and streamlines key procurement and purchasing-related work processes.
      • Yieldsoft Axon offers purchasing functionality with its Procurement management module. In addition to purchasing features, this solution includes supplier management, vendor-managed inventory support, and order fulfillment.

      Fixed Asset Management

      • Yieldsoft Axon provides best asset management module that incorporates all stages after procurement to disposal stage. depreciation procedure and postings are automated after setup and all required reports are easily available including fixed asset register.

      Receivables and Payables

      • Yieldsoft Axon has an elaborate receivable and payable system that captures debtors transaction, update debtors Ledgers, Produce debtor's management reports, record creditors details, Process creditors related transactions and Produce creditors management reports

      Cash Management

      • Yieldsoft Axon Cash Management enables organization to monitor and forecast cash requirements, perform automated bank reconciliations, distribute payments efficiently and securely, and automatically generate accounting entries.
      • Axon Cash Management is at the heart of AXON treasury management solution which offers a complete solution for addressing the critical planning, processing, and reporting requirements of global treasury units. cash Management's straight-through payment processing feature, Financial Gateway provides a single platform for seamless communication between banks, financial institutions, and corporations to process all payments and receipts.


      Yieldsoft Axon housing system caters for all the needs of a housing society to manage their operations.

      Irrespective of whether the society’s activities are as;

      • Members contribute shares/deposits and purchases houses/property for rent and they share the profit realized at the end of the accounting period as dividends based on share contribution
      • The society purchases land/property for shareholders and sub divides the same to their members at fair prices. Remember our system is tailor made and we can adjust it to fit your needs even if you operate in different way other than what is listed above.

      In addition, the system will cater for,

      • Members Management.
      • Financial Management
      • Funds Transfer
      • Batch Processing

      Payroll and Human Resource Management

      • ATM Bridge with connection to Coop Saccolink
      • POS / Agency Banking
      • Internet Banking
      • Mobile Banking
      • All Financial and Analytical Reports Including SASRA Regulatory Reports
      • Document Management System
      • Yieldsoft Report Generator
      • System Administrations
          •  Admin Operations setup Module 
          • Product Management setup Module
          • Member Management Module               
          • Accounts Creation Module
          • FOSA Operations Module 
          • Credit Management Module
          • Financial Management Module
          • MFI Management Module 
      • Produce Management Module
          • AXON Reports Module 
          • Produce Management Reports Module 
          • All financial and analytical reports including SASRA regulatory reports
          • Document Management System that is integrated with Axon system
          • Yieldsoft report Generator and report designer – for easy user made reports creation
          • System Administration and Audit module YieldsoftBridge

      Axon System Security:

      Yieldsoft has taken security issues seriously and has employed the use of state of the art security technology to secure its application this is done through strong user authentication and data integrity as well as non-repudiation. Our security system incorporates;

      • Exclusive and flexible user SMS groups
      • Encrypted passwords
      • No exposed data transfers
      • Clear track on Audit trials