At Yieldsoft, we appreciate the need for coffee marketing societies to automate their operations. Whether the societies use digital or analogue scales, our system is ready to work with them.

Since AXON is a web based application, the society can enjoy posting online real time the kilos of coffee delivered at the factory to the central server database at the head office with using the internet.

The following are included in the system:

  • Recording of the coffee delivered by the individual or members of group
  • Generation of member statements of deliveries that include delivery date, grade of coffee member number, transaction number and factory number
  • Reconciliation of factory and members produce records to ascertain that recorded kilos in the factory records tally with the members records i.e. Factory no, total kilos delivered (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), total no. of members who delivered their produce
  • Generation of gross payment journal that contains the kilos delivered for the crop (total), member no, members names and kilos delivered per member, etc
  • Generation of net payment journal
  • Produce members payout bank list /members pay slips
  • Retrieve a summary of all debts recovered, previous balances and remaining balances after payout