NLS Axon Sacco System caters for all the needs of a savings and credit co-operative society.

Irrespective of the society’s activities, geographicalcoverage and the nature of the typography, the NLS Sacco will ensure that the society serves yourmembers in a secure, efficient, transparent andcustomer friendly manner thus guaranteeing them patronizing your services 24/7

The system caters for:

Members Management

This module enables the society to manage all the Records for individual, group as well as business clients.

These include their personal details, contact information,identification, income and next of kin details as well as maintenance their photos and signatures for the individual as well as joint accounts.

BOSA (Back Office Services Activity)

Providing a very comprehensive coverage in Sacco's BOSA section, NLS Axon boasts of covering existing and future needs of a Sacco BOSA operations with reliability it deserves being the core activity of any Sacco.

Loans and deposits is well designed keeping in mind of all the operations under it in a sophisticated Sacco environment from loan origination till loan closure. Manage all the loans and alert the members when they Fall due as well as the guarantors via sms and/or emails.Serve the members at all times even during the accidental or planned network/system down time.

Irrespective of your society’s requirements, AXON Sacco will accommodate current as well as back office operations with ease.

FOSA (Front Office Services Accounts)

The FOSA Module covers all the operations of sacco front office operations. These include till management, cash management and cheque management.

The system also includes the photo and signature verification, payment either in cash or cheque, salary advances, loan, cheque and cash deposits, tellers’ journals and other reports.

Some of the internal controls incorporated into the systeminclude set up of parameters for the minimum opening balance, interest ratlimiting withdrawals, commission and charges,cheque clearance days, cheque clearance charges, bouncing cheque charges, general transaction charges, standing orders,multi level online authorization, online transaction monitoring, receipt/voucher printing, inter-branch transactions and interteller Transactions among others.

The FOSA system is integrated to the Back Office Sub System as well as the Financial System as well as other channels that include mobile banking, ATMs, internet banking, etc.